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Special Edition on Panchkarma

The steamer

The steamer

Panchkarma is a traditional Indian method of treating ailments in one’s body. Panch means five while karma means procedures. This means that this healing process consists of 5 procedures to heal the body.

This therapy works in a 7 day or 14 day programme in which you go through the different and necessary procedures to heal your body. Each person’s medication is especially mixed for them by the doctors to help their specific ailments. Everything is herbal and natural. The medicines they use are made on site mixing the necessary herbs together to create the formula on an individual basis.

I had been complaining about my stomach ailments to an acquaintance we met in Goa and he had recommended that I try Panchkarma. I had never heard of Panchkarma before that day, let alone tried it.
So when I got to Dharamsala, I committed to finding a traditional Panchkarma place to hear what it was all about and how it would help me.

On day 1 I went to see the doctors, they took me through what the treatment was about and how long it took.
In true Western influence, I had assumed this was one of those things I could just go and do once-off and I would be good-to-go. I soon learnt that this would not be the case.
The other tricky part was that I did not have 7 days to spare. So the doctors worked out a plan where I would be able to get all I needed done in 5 days. Cutting this procedure short is simply not allowed for people who come here to treat serious ailments such as diabetes, ailments, severe skin conditions, etc. but since mine was not a disease as such, I was luckily given the go ahead to do it in 5 days.

The ward

The ward

Day 2 was what they call pre-cleansing. This started with a 60 minute massage using herbal oils and was followed by a herbal steam bath. From the steam bath I had to take a shower and get some bed rest. This was followed by lunch – Dahl and rice.
Day 3, 4 and 5 were the actual cleansing. This was done with a catheter injecting a liquid form of a combination of herbs. This liquid cleanses your tummy and almost immediately sends you to the loo.
The diet to be followed is very strict throughout the programme. It does become a bit dull and depressing but it tastes good.
The doctors also prescribe the do’s and don’ts of post treatment which is very helpful.

What one needs to be careful of when deciding to go for Panchkarma, is to be aware that there are ,many places that offer this treatment. But of all the places I encountered in Dharamsala, this was the only one still doing it the authentic traditional way….and they insist on following the recommended lead times in order to give you results.
Most other places here target tourists and therefore will give you whatever you want….even a right-now treatment or for one day or 2 days only. That is not how the practice of Panchkarma should be at all. And it’s as good as throwing your money into a bottomless pit.

By the time I left the clinic, I was feeling great and not so bloated and heavy anymore. The eczema on my hands had also dried out and has completely disappeared now. Even though the treatment addresses one specific problem you may have, it also simultaneously takes care of any other ailments you may be experiencing; in my case, the eczema on my hands.
Because this treatment is very strenuous on the body, the recovery process for the is quite lengthy. I will be giving you feedback about my overall health once I have finished the post-treatment care programme.

If you would like to read more about this treatment with my doctors (Dr. Sharma and Dr. G)  you may visit this website: http://www.himveda.in

Signing out.
Miss Keks


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